Friday, October 21st

4:30 - 10:30 PM at MacPhail Center for Music

Sounds can last long after their source has finished creating them. They reverberate off surfaces, move through mediums, and bounce off every surface of a space. Some mediums and surfaces deaden the sound while others maintain or even empower it. For this event, we are merging classical and underground, hard science and philosophy, the apparent with the unforeseen to tell a powerful story of Minneapolis’ story of music and sound and its impacts for the future. How can we both affect and be affected by music and sound?

TEDxMinneapolisSalon Fall 2016 hosts speakers that have devoted their life’s work to ideas of sound, music, and its ability to resonate with all of us.

We continue to pull together the all-inclusive immersive experience: great speakers, exciting performances, delicious grub and drinks, and our classic connection spaces: the pop-up Art Gallery inspired by music and sound, our Sound Lab experience, the Atrium, and the relaxing Lounge.

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Amanda Weber

Founder + Director, Voice of Hope Choir, Shakopee Women's Correctional Facility

Amanda has sung in choirs her whole life, but only recently come to understand the transformative power of music in very unexpected places. Her latest work has taken her behind the walls of the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee, where a growing group of women are learning to use their voices in a powerful way. This choir may be well hidden, but their message of restorative justice and community rings out loud and clear.

Roger Dumas

Research Associate, University of Minnesota Brain Sciences Center

He met John Lennon. He taught Prince how to program Synth. He was on the team that composed Funkytown. The work he wants to debut on the TEDx stage thrills him even more and will bring insights into how we subconsciously consume sound from the great artists we admire - the brain's relationship with music.

Ariella Forstein

Vocalist + Vocal Empowerment Coach

You don't need to be a performer, opera singer, professional speaker or even a pop star to have a voice. The vibration of our vocal chords reverberates throughout our body, and we all have a voice to be freed. Ariella helps people move through emotional and mental blocks about their fear and anxiety of sharing their voice with the world.

Toki Wright

Department Head, McNally Smith College of Music Vice President, Soul Tools

Professor, activist, hip-hop artist. Toki is a rapper recognized for his musical talent and his youth and community advocacy efforts in Minneapolis and abroad. His work focuses on correcting racial and cultural disparities for urban musicians of color and their access to music. Giving them space and empowerment, he's helping our youth re-take their narratives as musicians.

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