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Thank you for your interest in sharing your “Idea Worth Spreading” through TEDxMinneapolis. We are currently accepting ideas for our August 2019 event (and beyond!). To see past talks and performances, check out our Past Events Page.

What We Look For:

First and foremost, we consider the “Idea Worth Spreading”. To be considered, an idea should be:

  • New
  • Interesting
  • Evidence-Based and Realistic

Secondarily, the speaker themselves should:

  • Live and/or work in the Twin Cities Area
  • Be the best person in the Twin Cities to speak to this idea
  • Be compelling, authentic, and engaging in communicating their idea

If this sounds like you, we want to hear more!

The Details

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis, the last date that ideas will be accepted for our August 2019 event (date coming soon!) is Sunday, March 3rd. Candidates are encouraged to submit ideas early!

For this event, a theme will be selected after speakers are identified. We are looking for a wide breadth of topics.

If selected for the next round of consideration, you will be contacted by a member of the curation team for an interview to learn more about you and your idea.

If you are not contacted for this season, there is still a chance we may reach out to you in the future, as each event features a different mix of topics and speakers. Candidates who have not been selected for our next event will be notified in late spring.

OK, ready to share your idea?

Click this link to share information about you and your idea worth spreading, and most importantly, a 60-90 second video sharing your idea, why it matters, and why you are the best person to share this idea.

We look forward to being inspired by your “Idea Worth Spreading”!