Lula Saleh

Lula Saleh is an Eritrean-Ethiopian, Saudi-born and raised multidisciplinary artist, third culture kid, healer, and creative entrepreneur. Saleh is committed to remaining authentic, vulnerable, and sharing her light, heart and soul, while honoring her ancestral lineage and creating intentional spaces for healing and truth-telling. Recognized across the fields of journalism/media, music, poetry, healing justice, and cultural community organizing, Saleh is an Intercultural Leadership Institute Fellow, a Creative Community Fellow with National Arts Strategies, a NEXUS music alum, a Minneapolis Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum, a Bush Foundation Events Scholar, and an Inner-City Muslim Action Network artist. As a singer-songwriter, spoken word poet, and writer, Saleh’s voice transcends topics such as: diaspora, African/Muslim/Black immigrant feminisms, healing and belonging. She has performed, partnered or collaborated with: Amnesty International, So Far Sounds, Yale University, Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Loft Literary Center, Button Poetry, Intermedia Arts, Icehouse, Pangea World Theater and more.