Why Not

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The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts

August 18, 2017

Communities seem as polarized and disconnected as ever. There’s an uncertainty when exploring new ideas and it seems impossible to enact change in meaningful ways. Let us remind ourselves that even the smallest action can ripple out and impact our world in ways greater than thought possible. TEDxMinneapolis invites you to break out of old habits, tread new paths, and take action to matters that have only been seen as far off possibilities until now. Learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to try. Have the difficult conversations with others. Push beyond your boundaries and ask yourself and your community:

“Why Not?”


Technoparenting: How Tech Can Reconnect Parents and Kids

Lana Yarosh, PhD

This Unlikely 1960s Space Tech Can Help Save the Bees

Rob Davis

Puppet Show Performance

Open Eye Figure Theater

Play Proud: Leveling the Playing Field for Muslim Girls in Sports

Fatimah Hussein

How Cell Phones and Video Gaming Can Help Cancer Patients

Dr. David Odde

Music Performance

Venus de Mars

It’s Okay to Not Be the Center of the Universe

May Lee-Yang

Turning “A Worker Shortage” into “A Globally Fluent Workforce”

RT Rybak

Dance Performance

May Lee-Yang

Music Performance