The Bridge

Event Details

New Century Theater

July 11, 2014

Before TEDxMinneapolis, there was TEDxHennepinAve. Hennepin Avenue is one of Minneapolis’ oldest streets, and was the first to cross the Mississippi via the Hennepin Avenue bridge.  The Bridge sought to uncover the iconic and multifaceted story that surrounds this avenue.  We found a lens to view the stunning panorama of the Minneapolis narrative.  We found the resonating thrill of notes, expertly crafted brews, meticulously sourced grub, and a stunning collection of art crossing cultures and visions.  Above it all, we found passionate people whose passions spread across the borders of our city, state, and region. This inaugural event was a celebration of Minneapolis’ remarkable ideas, stories, and citizens. The Bridge represented a collective that can ignite any idea.


How to See Somebody Naked

Nic Askew

Engaging and Empowering Somali Youth

Mohamed Farah

The Power of “Art And”

Laura Zabel

The Invitation

Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Technology for the People, by the People

Kristen Murray