Piece Together

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The Walker Art Center

February 23, 2019

What makes us unique also brings us together.
Claiming our identities, we reveal our strengths and what makes us unique. By sharing our knowledge, our experiences, and our true selves, we discover what is common among us. We cannot connect without listening. Through empathy, we learn how each piece comes together.


The Lasting Legacy of Place Names

Kate Beane, Ph.D.

Are All Relationships Messy?

Carol Bruess, Ph.D.

Going natural: embracing my curls and finding my voice

Alex West Steinman

Is Performing Art Worth the Struggle?

Vie Boheme

Composing for choir, orchestra—and video projections

Jocelyn Hagen

Pleasure to the People! Reclaiming Healthy Pleasure

Dr. Rachel Allyn