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The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts

August 17, 2018

Intention is contemplation engaged in direction. It is an aim, purposeful and at times iterative and continuous. At TEDxMinneapolis we look to past outcomes–planned and unplanned; to right intentions and a world brimming with them. The theme of “Intention” asked us to consider cause and effect, and reveal connected intentions that actively shape and reform life’s precedent. We leaned into the interplay of ideas, find versions of resolution, and over time, take in the long view. Through the vantage of intention we, together and alone, examined our collective approach to technology, entertainment, and design.


What I Learned About Life from Death

Jane Whitlock

Stop Training. Start Talking.

Leondra Hanson

Can Virtual Reality Change Your Mind?

Thong Nguyen

Dance Performance

Nkauj Ntxuam Dej

Honoring Indigenous Culture and Histories

Jill Fish

When Two Women Walk On Stage, It Becomes a “Woman’s Show”

Two Sugars Show

Places and Spaces and the Behavior They Create

Damaris Hollingsworth

The Geography of Inequality

Kevin Ehrman-Solberg

A Diaspora Daughter Searching for Home

Lula Saleh

Fantome Rosu Quartet 

Fires of 1918