In Sight

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Ted Mann Concert Hall

August 12, 2016

Expanding perspective and paradigm is much like discovering the room around you that has been pitch black until you lit a candle.  As we wander through life, we see new narratives. And with each new visualization, the candle glows brighter. We begin to notice the walls, the furniture, the floor, the art, the high ceilings, and the dark corners.  There are moments when the candle flickers so bright that even new areas can be noticed, even if for a fleeting moment.

What happens when light is shed on part of the room that causes a complete shift in what you knew about it? With illumination comes perspective, comes reality, comes the base of all your decisions, and comes the foundation for our shared future.

TEDxMinneapolis 2016 hosted speakers that have devoted their life’s work on the platform of visibility to make grand impact.  We believe that sight manifests itself in art, design, innovation, technology, and the deeper parts of the Minneapolis story, and we work to tell not only the broader and worldly impact of having sight, but also the personal impact, too.  At In Sight, we lit the candle, and discovered together.


3D Printed Prosthetic Hands for the World

Desineni Subbaram Naidu

Why I Wear Purple

Andrea Jenkins

Heritage: Seek the uncensored guttural truth

Romeny Chan

The Human Need for Belonging

Amelia Franck Meyer

Great Cities Begin With Sidewalks

Bill Lindeke

The Power of the Black Experience in the Classroom

Keith Mayes

Climate Change Through Art and Dance

Dr. Cecilia Martinez and Chitra Vairavan

How Deep Brain Devices Open New Research into Brain Diseases

Jadin Jackson

Improv Closing Performance

Theater of Public Policy

Opening Light Performance

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